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Flowcharts & Doodles

It seems like the Internet is just insatiable for flowcharts and doodles, so here are some that I’ve made for its enjoyment. You may post them any and everywhere, but only if you say something nice about me and/or my blog.

Flowchart: How many drinks can you have at a work function?

Flowchart: Should you mention that you feel tired?

Flowchart: For when you are in charge of a powerful institution that is maybe looking the other way when people get raped (this is mainly for the Pope and Joe Paterno)

Flowchart: The Late-Night Worry Game

Flowchart: Should you wear it to work?

Flowchart: Is it OK to date your friend’s ex?

Graph: Toilet Paper Need Over Time

Graph: Interest level in hearing about people’s deep, passionately held beliefs

Graph: The Small-Talk Bellcurve

Doodle: The Iceberg of You

Doodle: What it would look like if someone made giant hot-air balloons out of my and Rick Ross’ heads

The boring/personal quadrants and their sharing implications

Blingee: My mother’s cat Queenie, autumnal-theme

Blingee: My mother’s cat Queenie, Moulin Rouge!-theme

Blingee: Joan Holloway, forever and always 

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