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Step 53: Understand basic storage principles (Part 1)

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GUYS GUYS GUYS. It’s time for a Very Special Episode Entry of Adulting, because M. of Storage Geek fame has written a guest blog post. 

My idea of a storage solution is to stack things on top of other things in such a way that they don’t immediately slide off, but M. has all sorts of incredible ideas that would never, ever, in a million years occur to you (like this, this and thisand she drops spot-on Mad-Eye Moody references in regards to organization. Which, come onthat’s awesome. So be attentive little sponges and absorb every bit of information she has to share. M.?

Hi there folks! Happy to be here sharing my medium grade obsession eternal wisdom with you. The fact of the matter is storing your stuff is another way to take care of your stuff and taking care of your stuff saves you time, aggravation and most importantly money. Yep, in the adult(ing) world, money is up there on the list of priorities. Sometimes you have to spend it to save it, and sometimes you just have to add a few extra steps to your routine to save it. To help you figure out what the flying heck I am talking about, Kelly has put together five fabulous questions for me run at the mouth answer.

Q: Are there any simple storage principles that you can kind of apply across the board?

A: Yes. When storing and/or organizing your things there are a few things to remember:

• Make it accessible. The more cumbersome the solution the less of a solution it becomes. If hangers at the front door drive you nuts, try a rack of hooks. You can always transfer the coats and sweaters to the closet when you tidy up. Or if lids on boxes keep you from putting stuff back, try baskets instead.

Use what you have. The Container Store is a Storage Geek’s dream but it is also out of my budget right now. So I go shopping at home. I use jars of all sizes in my kitchen, bathroom and craft room, baskets in my daughter’s room and on the book shelves. We even have an old ladder as a pot rack. After I have exhausted the options at home, I’ll go shopping.

Constant vigilance. (Just like Mad Eye Moody preaches. [Ed. note: !!!!]) Organization is not a theoretical subject. You have to do it and keep doing it. No one says you have to do it every hour of every day but you should set some time aside at least weekly to empty drop zones and file paperwork.

• Finally, label everything. This was a hard lesson to learn because for years I thought I needed a label maker to keep things looking uniform. Finally I just gave in and labeled things with a sharpie and I feel much better for it. Spices on my spice rack are no longer a mystery and my ever expanding craft supplies are much easier to locate.

Q: Every house is allowed to have a junk drawer — true or false?

True. I call mine a utility drawer; my mother-in-law calls hers a “Drunk Drawer”. Regardless of what you call it, every house needs a place to store the miscellaneous stuff in our lives. I just try to keep it to useful things like switch plates and garden seeds.

In our next installment, M. will weigh in on storage pet peeves, how best to spend $20 on storage and the best storage solution she’s ever seen. 

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