How to become a grown-up in 468 easy(ish) steps.

Step 72: Recognize <6 Month Problems

My fiscal irresponsibility is like the Mississippi River, so wide and deep and immutable. I know for a fact that if I won the lottery, I’d be one of those people who lost it all. Then the local media would use me as a cautionary tale when they repossessed, say, the hot-air balloon I’d commissioned in the shape of my own head. Why hasn’t some rapper done that? Rick Ross, hope you’re reading this!

So this month I completely forgot to send a rent check. Not because I couldn’t pay my rent, mind you. I just forgot! My landlord called this morning, and let me know I’d have to pay the late fee. And so all morning, I languished in a dark pit of self-anger — with the money that I’m going to spend on the late fee, I probably would have found a perfect vintage dress!! Or started saving towards my retirement!! Now I’ll be poor and WON’T have a dress!!!!!, etc. etc. etc. all morning.

And yes, paying a late fee sucks. But hopefully this will be a nice reminder of the importance of not forgetting to pay one’s bills, plus it’s a prime example of a <6 Month Problem.

When I get really upset about something, I try to ask myself if this is something I will remember in six months. If the answer is no, then I need to try to do my best to move on. If the answer’s yes, I ALSO need to do my best to move on, but at least a “no” answer puts me in the proper frame of mind.

BONUS DOODLE: Here’s what hot-air balloons in the shape of my and Rick Ross’s heads would look like:


BONUS DOODLE REALIZATION: I’ll bet the reason people don’t make portrait hot-air balloons is that they would look like giant severed heads floating through the air.

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