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Packing/Planning Your Lunch

An excellent suggestion from ChristineOhhh:

I always make food for the entire week on Monday. Today I had the brilliant idea (that I’m sure my mother suggested to me years ago), to separate the food into individual Tupperware containers so I can reach in and grab one each day instead of putting the food in one big container and divvying out the portions day of (which I usually forget to budget into my morning time routine).

While I’m here, does anyone know a good (free) site for using what’s in your fridge, for instance, putting in I have chicken breast & potatoes, and it’ll give you a list of potential foods and recipes?

This one seems pretty useful, although I’ve also had luck just Googling the two words together. This is how I discovered baked fish and eggs which is pretty much the most incredible breakfast ever. For the record, I scramble my eggs and add extras so that it’s more frittata-like. 

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  5. wanderlustandtethers said: You can make omelettes and soup of everything! Friday I poured boxed lemongrass corn soup over Thanksgiving leftovers, mixed it, and cooked it stovetop. So good.
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