How to become a grown-up in 468 easy(ish) steps.

Odds and ends

First off: a newly revised list of things to have in your medicine cabinet. Thanks to everyone who weighed in!

• A couple sizes of Band-Aids
• An Ace bandage (for sprains)
• Neosporin (be sure to put on before your bandaid for safer, less-infection-prone healing! If you’re sensitive to Neosporin — if your cut looks angrier the next day — go for bacitracin instead)
• Hydrogen peroxide (for cleaning out wounds after they have first healed; use soap and water on a fresh wound)
• Rubbing alcohol (for sterilizing)
• Tweezers, for splinters and such
• Benadryl cream (for bug bites and other itchy things)
• Aspirin (for headaches)
• Ibuprofen (for muscle aches)
• Pepto Bismol (for stomach aches)
• Benadryl (for allergies)
• A thermometer
• Gauze and first-aid tape
• An ice pack

Go get one item per week, and then when you experience a minor ailment or injury, you can laugh right in its stupid face.

I love this idea on how to break the cycle of procrastination, and will be starting it tonight.

The incomparable Sarah of Yes and Yes was sweet enough to let me write a guest entry on 5 Steps to Upping Your Personal Dignity Quotient.

Carolina of Girl Habits (she of the follow-up email fame) put up the interview she did with me.

The winner of the Adulting emergency situation doodle giveaway is Olivia J. Greenham (editor’s note: that is the most amazing name ever) with this:

My son had a seizure that required resuscitation at 36 hours old, so I spent the rest of that morning chasing down my doctor and trying to get everything together so that I could be discharged from the hospital ASAP, so that we could go home and grab a bag and drive to the children’s hospital (6 hours away) that our son was being airlifted to.

In a matter of around 2 hours I had arranged for our accommodations for up to a month, gotten all the forms and whatever else I needed signed in order to leave, tracked down and gotten the release from my doctor, and had packed up my hospital room so that my fiance could load up the vehicle.

That was pretty much the only time in that entire experience that I was calm enough to act semi-rationally.

(I was 19, btw!)

For comparison purposes, when I was 19, I spent my time drinking Slurpees mixed with cheap vodka, a concoction I dubbed “The Ice Hammer,” so Olivia, you win! Send an email with a picture and, if you’d like, some sort of catchphrase to adulting101 at gmail dot com.

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