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Holiday accomplishment

For the first time ever, I have put up Christmas lights. For the record, this is in no way a reflection on one’s adulthood or not. But every year I want to get it together and put them up, and every year I don’t. But this year I did.

Additional Christmas decor shots, if you’re into such things, after the jump.

29th Nov 2012 71 notes , Comments
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  1. polkadotninja said: Let’s do it. I mean.. you know I normally have lights up inside anyway…
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  5. liannakristine said: Your house is SO adorable! Congrats on the lights — I don’t think I’ll get that far this year, though the office will be decorated :D
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  7. sayhellotocindy said: Very nice!
  8. tessshebaylo said: Oh I am into such things. Yes sirree.
  9. creepycrawlyqueer said: Adorable! Congrats! :D