How to become a grown-up in 468 easy(ish) steps.

A pre-trip checklist

Have you …

1.) Made a packing list, and then packed all of it?

2.) Put up an out-of-office email message, and sent a brief note to people who regularly contact you (read: your mom) to let them know you’re away?

3.) Made sure you’ve done everything necessary at work and/or laid out ground rules for how much contact you’ll be in while you’re gone?

4.) Cleaned your house?

5.) Left a list of instructions, and a nice bottle of wine, for your housesitter? And purchased extra pet food?

6.) Followed all these suggestions, if you’re heading overseas?

7.) Packed all your liquids in a Ziploc bag?

8.) Made sure that the few irreplaceable things (ID, birth control, insurance card, debit card, etc.) are with you, hopefully in the same important-things case?

9.) Paid any bills that will be due while you’re gone?

10.) Sent your travel itinerary to a select few in-case-of-emergency types?

11.) Turned off all electronics, and the heat way down?

12.) Figured out transportation to and from the airport?

13.) Given your cat or dog a tender kiss on their head and tell them to be good and that you’ll be back soon and please don’t make that face I swear I’m coming back?

I have! Back in a week. Any I’m missing?

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