How to become a grown-up in 468 easy(ish) steps.

It’s been a while since I made a video.

But here one is! It happens to be a preview video for the book. It includes, but is not limited to:

• A blurry view of my new living room!
• Some super-sweet graphics.
• A discussion on the importance of not being a ditch-lier.
• A little bit of my cat. See if you can spot her!

11th Feb 2013 36 notes , Comments
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    Hey everyone - I follow this awesome blog called “Adulting” and the author, Kelly Williams Brown, has expanded her blog...
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    1) Watch this 2) ALL...way through, and make sure...see the...
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  5. shotgunheart said: I know it’s not the point, but I am so distracted & jealous of your perfect looking lipstick. xD I need to buy this!!!
  6. ladycovington said: You are my new favorite person! Because goodness knows, goodness KNOWS that you’ve made living-on-your-own-at-19 much easier for me. Thank you Miss Brown!
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