How to become a grown-up in 468 easy(ish) steps.

Step Fifteen: Clean Your House Before You Leave For The Weekend

I can hear your tiny, shrill voices piping up already. “Why would I clean up my house when I’m not even going to be there?” That is actually my own past-self voice saying that, but I’ll project onto you.

A few reasons:

• There is no more responsible feeling than walking into a clean, still house after a few days away.

• Smells multiply exponentially, so you can leave and have the kitchen garbage can at Stench 2 level, and come back two days later to a Stench 16 situation.

• Seriously, if you do this, you will feel really fucking in control. Take 30 minutes and tidy before you leave. Trust me.

5th Aug 2011 26 notes , Comments
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    This was the single best piece of advice I got when I left my home state. My bestie told me to make sure my place was...
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    disagree on this point,...non-negotiable. Garbage must be taken out before leaving town....
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