How to become a grown-up in 468 easy(ish) steps.

Step 42: Make a list before packing


I am about to head off on my first grown-up, non-hurricane evacuating road trip. Little Sister Bean and I are heading down from Oregon to San Francisco, where she lives, and where I will live for four days. This is really exciting, because I am an easily stimulated country mouse that never gets to ride in elevators. This is the big time.

So, naturally, I want to make sure I have everything I need to sustain myself. And I do not have to worry, because much like Santa, I’ve made a list and I’ve checked it twice. 

Here is one packing strategy that I’ve found helpful: move mentally through your day, starting when your alarm goes off. Do you need anything while you are sleeping? What is the first, second, seventh thing you use each day? … and so on, right until you go to sleep (are you wearing a sleep mask?) Then, I repeat this through, adding variations for if I am going out or working out or whatever.

I also have to tell myself that if I leave something behind, it will probably be OK. Even in the worst-case scenario — like, let’s say I forget there is more to me than a torso and completely forget to bring any bottoms — they have pants technology in San Francisco. The only things I really, really need to bring are ID/debit cards, birth control, cell phone and charger. Almost anything else I’d leave could, if it were REALLY necessary, be replaced.  

P.S. Small personal triumph: I have a real problem with buying vintage suitcases, which I love, but are so impractical. For one, they are just not very comfy to carry through an airport, and so are bad carry-ons. Secondly, I do not trust them to the baggage handlers, who are not nearly as invested in their beautiful finishes and brocade interior as I am. But a road trip is really the one time when they make sense, and I am so, so excited to finally use them. 

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